Dr Alex Pavey
Research Assistant
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Portsmouth

I am an early career researcher working as a research assistant at the University of Portsmouth on the Supernatural Cities project – an interdisciplinary network of humanities and social science scholars of urban environments and the supernatural. Prior to this, I was a doctoral candidate and postgraduate teaching assistant in the Department of English at University College London; in 2017 I successfully defended my thesis, Crime, Space and Disorientation in the Literature and Cinema of Los Angeles.

My doctoral research focused on the culture and history of Los Angeles, examining both genre texts (detective fiction, the police novel and film noir) and African-American literature and cinema. It is particularly concerned with the psychology and mobility of individual protagonists as they navigate the city’s complex topography – its diverse neighbourhoods, jurisdictional borders, and racial and social boundaries.

More broadly, my research interests lie in twentieth-century literature and film, urban theory, mobility studies and the history of criminalistics, and I have articles published or under contract on Raymond Chandler, David Lynch, Aldous Huxley and Henri Bergson.

This site began as a blog documenting the progress of my PhD research during its latter stages. Having successfully completed my PhD, the site has evolved into both a space for reflection, and an opportunity to record my broader research activities. Thanks for visiting!

"Alex - Finish yo thesis! James Ellroy"

“Alex – Finish yo thesis! James Ellroy”

If you want to get in touch, you can use the contact form below or find me on Twitter: @alexpavey.

I also tweet from the Supernatural Cities account (@imaginetheurban), and am web editor for the Supernatural Cities website. You can follow Supernatural Cities on Facebook too, where we maintain a Facebook page and a linked discussion group.