About Me

file-12-10-2016-12-51-15Alex Pavey | University College London

I am a PhD researcher in the University College London Department of English Language and Literature, studying Los Angeles literature and cinema. I’m particularly interested in narratives of crime and detection, and their representation of urban spaces as disorientating territorial networks.

More broadly, my research interests are the twentieth-century city in film and literature, the cultural history of disorientation, and representations of new technologies and media. My thinking is informed by work in Mobility Studies, Sound Studies and Urban Theory, and I have a background in nineteenth- and twentieth-century European philosophy, particularly Nietzsche, Bergson and Deleuze.

This site began as a blog documenting the progress of my PhD research during its latter stages. As I write up my thesis for submission in spring 2017, it has evolved into both a space for reflection, and an opportunity to record my broader research activities. Thanks for visiting!

"Alex - Finish yo thesis! James Ellroy"
“Alex – Finish yo thesis! James Ellroy”

If you want to get in touch, you can use the contact form below or find me on Twitter: @alexpavey.

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