Papers and Talks

Arrested Movement in South Los Angeles: Disorientation and Incrimination in Bush Mama (1976)
BAFTSS Annual Conference – University of Kent, 12-13 April 2018

‘To become completely lost’: Disorientation, Incrimination and the Mobile Metropolis
The City Under Stress: UCL Symposium on the City – University College London, 15 December 2017

‘Something is wrong here’: James Ellroy and the Historiography of Noir Los Angeles
Hardboiled History: A Noir Lens on America’s Past – University of Warwick, 19 May 2017

‘He respects no boundary lines’: Suspect Mobility, Criminalistics and the Hardboiled Novel
Mobilities, Literature, Culture – Lancaster University, 21-22 April 2017

‘Lines Burned Into Minds’: Negotiating and Transgressing the Borders of South Los Angeles
British Association of American Studies Postgraduate Conference – University of Leeds, 19 November 2016

‘Confused about your jurisdiction, Deputy?’ Territory, Identity and Los Angeles Law Enforcement
‘The Dream of a City’: UCL English Postgraduate Symposium on Literature and the City – University College London, 6 May 2016

‘Living every day scared’: Disorientation, Incrimination and Black Masculinity in Chester Himes’s If He Hollers Let Him Go
Masculinity and the Metropolis: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Art History, Film, and Literature – University of Kent, 23 April 2016

‘I’m there right now. Call me.’ Unstable identities and irregular distances from Raymond Chandler to David Lynch
Distance and Proximity: Postgraduate Conference of the Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry – University College London, 27 June 2014

‘Safe to say no two of the coins would be identical’: Objects and aliases in Raymond Chandler’s The High Window
Detecting Objects: The Material Item and Detective Fiction symposium – University of Portsmouth, 9 June 2014

Reconstructing movement, reproducing sound: Telephones and detection in Raymond Chandler’s The High Window
Listening to Literature 1900-1950 – KU Leuven, Belgium, 12 March 2014

‘The prophetic discernment of what is possible’: Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception as Bergsonian mysticism
Altered Consciousness, 1918-1980 – Queen Mary, University of London, 16 November 2013

The Mortal Stakes of Utopia: The Bradbury Building, the Bonaventure Hotel and Downtown Los Angeles Noir
Department of English Research Seminar – University College London, 7 March 2013